Smallcombe Lane - watercolour


Having had very little art education beyond primary level I ‘returned’ to art in adulthood with few skills. I have been on a quest to learn and try different media to find out what they can do and how they might suit me. I currently work in coloured pencil, oil pastels, acrylics, pen and watercolour. My art is strongly inspired by the natural world and this is represented both by landscape and as detailed studies of animals and plants, sometimes from a microscopic point of view. I have attended the Monday evening group for about 15 years and am part of the organising team.


Hogweed - wax resist, ink and watercolour

BlueRoundhead- inkandwatercolour

Blue Roundhead - ink and watercolour



Breezy salt marsh - ink and watercolour

Bark- pastel
Bark- pastel

The Conservation Team - watercolour