Blue Chair - Watercolour


I started doing watercolour paintings when I lived in Cyprus in 2000. The reason behind this is that I made decoupage cards (which I started making in 1995) and I wanted to do a scene in watercolour behind the de’coupage image. However, I enjoyed painting so much that I carried on experimenting. I didn’t bother with the card idea but started doing paintings and doing decoupage on them ie: the kingfishers, poinsettias.

I still do watercolour paintings but I now use pen work in conjunction with the paints, which I find works very well. I also use gouache on occasions when it is warranted



Kingfishers - Watercolour with decoupage

Untitled - Watercolour


Untitled - Watercolour

Untitled - Watercolour

Poinsettia - Decoupage

Untitled - Decoupage