Welcome to Bathampton Art Group's Monday Art Club which consists of two sessions, one in the afternoon (2pm - 4pm) and one in the evening (7pm - 9pm) where people of all abilities meet to paint or draw and socialise. We exhibit our work twice a year in April and November which attracts a lot of visitors and sales.

Bathampton Art Group was established in 1968 by Jack Bryant who was the founding member and single handedly ran and passed on his expertise of art to the group for a number of years. It began as a very small social group holding one exhibition a year. The group has grown in popularity and now has a membership of approximately 95. Bathampton Art Group is one of the most popular leisure art groups in the Bath area. Artists have developed using the expertise of the more experienced members and through guest artists.

For those who cannot do either of the Monday groups, there is also a Thurday morning group.

Weekly meetings during the spring are held at the village hall from 6th January 2020.

It is with great regret that we announce the death of Clive Castle at Christmas. He was a long standing member of the afternoon group and produced the programme before Stuart took over.



Gold Hill, Shaftesbury’ , oil, by Heather Gordon

Heather Gordon -- WINNER Autumn project 2019 (Eve group) Gold Hill, Shaftesbury - oil

Peter Brown

Peter Brown talk at the Monday evening group 23rd September 2019. - More...

ST_Male lion with cub. Graphite on watercolour paper475
Male lion with cub - Graphite on watercolour paper by Stephen Tate

Clint - Graphite on watercolour paper by Stephen Tate

Looking forward- on last day of 2019”. Oil on board 12” x 10
Looking forward- on last day of 2019. Oil on board by Helen Stanfield

Takaway, Kingsmead Square. Oil by David Wilkey

Cheetahs. Pastel by Doreen Bleso

Shipwreck! - Acrylic by Lindsay Flower

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