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Ivan Allen
Michelle Arnold
Alan Casse
Gerald Collett
Stuart Farrer
Barry Hulme
Trevor Janes
Ruth Joslin
Jo Lashbrook
Amabel Lloyd
Janice Rambridge
Marion Rayner
Helen Stanfield
Deborah Stayt
Stephen Tate
David Wilkey
Kate Wilkey


How many works can I enter?

We can show up to seven works. They must all be named with  title and medium, any that are not will not be accepted. The minimum size required is 1500 px on the longest edge. You can also send a picture of yourself for inclusion in the bio. We no longer accept slides or printed photos. 

How do I name my digital photo?

If you go to your file, click twice on the name or 'right click' - chose rename, and type in your information. Files must be .jpg (J Peg) Please email your images (3 at a time as attachments (the paperclip symbol). DO NOT embed in the body of the email as titles will be lost. Send to the address below.

What information is required?

We need a short bio of up to 350 words. All copy must be editable Word documents (.doc) or editable PDFs. We can add your email and web address so people can contact you and see more of your work. DO NOT FORMAT OR DOUBLE SPACE

Please allow up to 14 days for updates to appear.

Send to David HERE : david (at)